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We aim to be a shortcut on the desktop of every outdoor enthusiast looking for a dose of common sense and a tasty recipe for their catch of the day.


Our web site will serve as a shared source for tasty recipes for fish, wild game, and homemade beers, wines, and spirits.  We will publish recipes that are easy to prepare with the use of common ingredients.  All recipes will be rigorously tested in the Backwoods Kitchen and must pass Big John's taste test.


Send your favorite recipe to the Backwoods Brewery at
Don't expect your recipe to show up immediately on this site.  It must first be prepared in the Backwoods Kitchen and tested for simplicity and taste.  All recipes become the property of Backwoods Brewery.  If you have a SECRET recipe, don't send it here.  Priority will be given to soups and snacks for the next few months.  All recipes are subject to change as we receive feedback from you, our faithful followers.

Keep in mind testing is time consuming.
Updates may be sporadic but the results will be worth it!

Soup of the Month

Try this great venison and wild rice soup.  It is definitely one of my favorites.  Don't forget, preparation of the wild rice can be found at Backwoods Basics.  Enjoy!

Venison and Wild Rice Soup

Snack of the Month

The Backwoods Brewery is committed to finding recipes that utilize your "catch of the day". You may have preferred to land 3 nice walleyes to fry in the pan, but you ended up with a half dozen rock bass that you might have thrown back.  Believe me, the rock bass taste great when prepared as Backwoods Salmon.  I have also used whitefish, northern, and large mouth bass.  They all end up tasting a lot like real salmon! 

Backwoods Salmon

All recipes at the Backwoods Brewery that call for salmon refer to the Backwoods Salmon created above.


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